“Wisner is a very funny writer when the situation calls for it, but he can also be tender, thoughtful, and wise. A must-read for fans of Honeymoon with My Brother, but the book works just fine as a stand-alone, too.”    David Pitt, Booklist

“This quirky and charming book not only gives you insight into the male mind but also makes you want to explore your own notions of what love means.”    Redbook

In the style of Dave Barry, the author relates his experiences with self-deprecating humor.    Publishers Weekly

Funny, endearing, and breathtakingly detailed.    Jodi Picoult on Honeymoon with My Brother

    My name is Franz Wisner; and I’ve somehow managed to turn getting dumped into a career.

    You see, after my fiancée left me just days before our wedding, I took a two-year, 53-country honeymoon with my recently divorced brother Kurt.  I avoided going back to real work by writing a book about the series of events called, you guessed it, Honeymoon with My Brother.

    There was still a problem.  Throughout the honeymoon, I squandered a world of opportunity; and I came back to America single.  I then compounded the problem by moving to the worst place on the planet to be single -- Los Angeles.  Help!

    So I grabbed my brother and hit the road again, traveling to Brazil, Egypt, India, the Czech Republic, Nicaragua, New Zealand, and Botswana with a mission: to glean the planet’s most important love lessons and see if it could rescue me from the ruins of my own love life.

    That’s the story of our new book, How the World Makes Love.  Kurt and I spent a year gathering insights and stories from heartbroken singles and happily married couples, urbanites and villagers, spooners and spoonees about the most important, and bizarre, topic on earth.  Love.

    They made me re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about love, and propelled me to do something really foreign.

    Thanks for visiting the website and spreading the word.  Enjoy the book.  We’ll see you at one of our upcoming events.

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